Susan Marie Weber

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Palm Desert City Council


Fiscal Responsibility and Transparency


My name is Susan Marie Weber. It has been my honor to serve on the Palm Desert City Council since 2012, and as Mayor for 2015 and 2019.

As your City Council Representative, it is my goal to be your representative in all city matters. We want to keep the quality of our City intact, while dealing with all the serious financial changes which are occurring in all cities and the state.

I look at issues through the eyes of an accountant:

  • Financial: Government has a fiduciary responsibility to manage the funds of the public.
  • Business: Palm Desert NEEDS business for sales and employment. We should do everything possible to encourage, retain, and enable the unique businesses we have in our City.

  • Accountability:: The Council represents YOU, the voter. Since first being elected to the Palm Desert City Council in 2012, I have been available to residents, including keeping fixed office hours, to make it easier for you to contact me. Council meetings are accessible on the Internet, so that the Public can see how Council members vote on important issues.

For the first time, Palm Desert now has two Council districts. I am the only incumbent residing in the new District 1, also called the Civic Center District. See the map of the new district below. I believe I am the best candidate to represent this new district, because I have the experience, background, and knowledge to start on day one to effectively represent the residents of new District 1 and I ASK FOR YOUR VOTE.

Map of District 1

You can view an interactive map of the district here.

To find out which district you are in, click here and enter your home address. This app is courtesy of the City of Palm Desert.

I would appreciate your e-mailing me with any questions, comments or suggestions you might have. Please also visit my Facebook page. And don't forget to vote by November 3rd! 

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