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My name is Susan Marie Weber. I am a candidate for the Palm Desert City Council, and I thank you for visiting my web site.

As your City Council Representative, it is my goal to be your representative in all city matters. We want to keep the quality of our City intact, while dealing with all the serious financial changes which are occurring in all cities and the state.

I look at issues through the eyes of an accountant:

  • Financial: Government should NOT be making loans to private individuals. It is not logical to gamble with the reserves. Solar loans sound great but technology changes every month. People could be saddled with a 20 year loan for technology that is out-dated in 5 years.
  • Business local businesses should be helped in any way possible, and new ones should not be hampered. Palm Desert NEEDS business for sales and employment.

  • Common Sense: Palm Desert should NOT be paying for the retirement and health benefits of elected Council Members. They are elected to provide a service, not be a burden on the City for life.

I will appreciate your e-mailing me with any questions, comments or suggestions you might have. Please also visit the blog and Facebook. 

On November 6, you will have three votes. Please select Susan Marie Weber as one of your votes..

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